Travel Guide: 48 hours in Luxembourg – The Grand Duchy

Signals free transport for all in Europe’s richest country – The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This tiny landlocked country, sandwiched between France, Belgium and Germany,


Walking the Rota Vicentina along Portugal’s Atlantic Coast

Local fishermen have used these tracks for centuries to reach the best fishing spots along the coast, but these days they’ve been replaced by surfers


Road trip through Kentucky USA

Bourbon was invented in Kentucky and, with over 70 distilleries scattered throughout the state, you’re unlikely to be thirsty. Unless of course you’re at the


Top things to do and see around Lake Constance

Many Brits head to Italy to spend time at Lakes Garda and Como, but perhaps they are missing a trick when they bypass Central Europe’s


Foodie tour of the Baltic states

The food stereotypes of the Soviet Union are long gone and in their place is a mouthwatering mix of organic produce, farm to table, and


24 hours in Huntington Beach, California – Surf City USA

Huntington Beach on Highway One is a small town yet it has wide-open soft sand beaches, a vibrant beach life – even at night –


Exploring Girona and surroundings, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona is Catalonia’s largest and most famous city and I’ve enjoyed exploring it in the past. This time I pick up a car from the


Exploring the tiny Island of Elba Tuscany, Italy

When people think of Tuscany, it’s the towns of Florence and Pisa that come to mind, yet this small island, just 28km long and 19km


Travel Guide: What is there to see and do in Busan

South Korea’s second city is often overlooked by western travellers in favour of Seoul, the ultra-modern capital in the north of the country, but it really

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